About Availdata

About Availdata

Apps:  Mobile, Cloud, Web

Availdata is a mobile and cloud based application development company, located in Maryland, twenty minutes north of Baltimore. We specialize in phone and tablet application development, as well as custom software which resides “in the cloud” and runs on desktops and laptops, including both stand alone applications (using Adobe Air) and Rich Internet Applications (using Adobe Flex or Ext Js and HTML5), along with traditional web applications.

Modern Web Ecosystems

We also help our clients develop the public facing part of their websites. We refer to this as a modern web ecosystem. In addition to a modern, up-to-date website (using valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while avoiding Flash and the use of tables for page layout), a modern web ecosystem includes the following:

  • Content Management
  • Google analytics (or another analytics program)
  • Clean, modern design using cascading style sheets for page layout
  • Secure login area (for updating content and for developing an intranet/extranet)
  • A mobile version of the public facing website
  • Social media tie-ins to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • A plan to improve organic search results and lower the cost of paid search (SEO).

Your Online Strategy?

Do you have an online strategy? In the age of custom software, mobile applications and search, Your online strategy is your business strategy. If you don't have an online strategy, you pretty much don't have a business strategy. We would love to talk to you about your online strategy and how we might help you develop and achieve it. Call us today at 410-215-7356, or fill out the Quick Connect form to the left.